The term FAIL was coined by the cupo clan from the original counter-strike and quake 3 arena gaming era. It did not come from no Blazing Star game. "You fail it" and "FAIL", have absolutely no correlation, and FAIL was not derived from Blazing Star. However, the inspiration for the usage of FAIL throughout the quake community and the Half-life 1 community stemmed from the original Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 64 in the "Break the target" challenge mode where if you fall off the map before breaking all the targets, the screen reads "FAIL" and you pretty much feel shit out of luck. No credit was given to the cupo clan due to their involvement in "Video game griefing" since the early Quake 1 days on Mplayer.

Some evidence that might help prove this fact is that anyone who dare contest the origin of this term PROBABLY played either Quake III Arena or Counter-strike for Half-life 1.

Epic fail is just a spin-off of FAIL that was created by some WoW players.

The term ''tryhard'' also originated in the Quake III Arena and Counter-strike communities. (which makes sense)
Search the net for examples, FAIL is global now.
by Atlanticus August 19, 2012
Top Definition
either an interjection used when one disapproves of something, or a verb meaning approximately the same thing as the slang form of suck.
1] "you actually bought that? FAIL"
2] "this movie fails."
by jack July 22, 2003
The Glorious lack of success
A baseball player swings at a ball and the ball instead hits him in the groin. FAIL!
by elliott113 February 15, 2008
1. Another word for "suck", most probably derived from the world of internet gaming.

2. To not achieve
1. What do you mean you lost? YOU FAIL!

2. I failed at achieving sickness to avoid the presentation.
by The Kevin August 04, 2005
A rather annoying word whose use in certain situations has greatly increased recently.

Kind of like the word "shit," "fail" is used by people who don't stop to think of a better word to use, making them pretty much useless to society.
A kid falls off a bike.
Douche bag: Fail!
Person that can think rationally: Stop saying "fail" at people who weren't even trying to succeed at anything in the first place.
by JerseyKid April 22, 2008
"Fail" is a word that is more than often overused online. Unfortunately it has spewed into mainstream society and now is being used in every day life, much like "epic".

People who "fail" generally are not even trying to accomplish anything, or they simply do something different than you. This word is most commonly used by annoying teenagers (who put a bad reputation on gaming), who shout "FAIL!" every time someone makes a slight error.

If you point out an obvious flaw by saying "FAIL" you're obviously a failure yourself for having lack of logic.
Kid: I just tripped because someone...tripped me.

Idiot who doesn't use logic to realize it wasn't the kids fault for being tripped, it was actually the other persons fault: FAIL!
by Da Milkman April 24, 2009
To fail is to be either:
Exceptionally bad at something, or to do/say something stupid to people,
Or for an item/thing to fail, it has to not be what it is, such as a funny comic not being funny, etc.
arpgme's comic FAILS
(Therefore meaning that it could be bad or poor at what it is intended to do)

You sir, FAIL.
(The person has just done/written something stupid or supposedly funny which achieves nothing it's supposed to.)
by Nothingconspicous... August 23, 2006
An amazing word that can sum up almost any bad situation in a single syllable.

A bad grade.
Sam: Urgh, my girlfriend just broke up with me.
Soph: Fail!

I hope I don't get an F on the test.
by I'mAnonymous February 19, 2008
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