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F.A.I.L or FAIL!


When your internet keeps going off when you're talking to someone.

When your internet is back on,
before they ask why you went offline
just say FAIL
*bob goes offline*
*bob signs in again*
Tom: Hey, where did you go?
Tom: oh, i hate when that happens ....
Bob: Yeahh
by cafekko389 June 12, 2010
1)a: describing any noun or event as having failed; b: the state of being a failure.

2)An internet meme that has become more commonplace in "RL" amongst those of the video game/internet culture.

The use of fail and its amusement are derived from video games out of the common "game over" screens or "mission failure" notifications. Often this is used in redundancy to create a sense of irony: Fail ____ is fail: in which case any noun is thus being identified by the adjective and described by it.
-"God that tank in VOA sucked ass..."
-"Fail DK is fail!"
by sleepingwraith March 11, 2010
Formerly used to describe the situation of not achieving the desired result in an undertaking considered to be somewhat important or monumental. In the context of performance in regards to the completion of a a test: to achieve a sub-par result, usually less than 70%.

Currently used by mindless sheep to commemorate the lack of desired intention, especially in regards to the most inconsequential of actions. No longer applies in the context of not passing a test (due to educational standards being so low that achievement of less than 70% is essentially impossible if one is not retarded).

One of the twenty words used in the "new" English language that is comprised completely of buzzwords.
Future Intellectual #1: (drops piece of paper)
Future Intellectual #2: Fail
Future Intellectual #1: Random!
by Liter-rat September 15, 2012
Usually what bitches say, when they can't think of a decent insult.
Guy: Seriously, just leave. You're bothering me. Go, before I kick your gay little candy ass.
Bitch: I kNOw u iS, BUt.. watam I?!!!1!!1?/?1!1!111!!ONE!!1!ONE!11!eleven!!1!!1
Guy: What the fuck are you talking about?
Bitch: UmMmm............ FAiL!!!!11!11!111!11!!!1!!one!111one1!!!!!!111!!!!1!!!1!11!!11!eleven!!1!!11!1!!!11!!!!1
by Why do you want my name?! August 21, 2011
A lack of success, a poor mark on an examination, to dwindle or become insufficient. A verb used without object. Currently at an all time high for generic, widespread misuse. The act of FAILURE being the most often intended and correct conjugation, which seems largely to have been forgotten.
Saying something was a FAIL is incorrect, and should be described as a FAILURE.
To misuse this word is to fail

Your rampant misuse of the word is a failure.
by Arruglia August 05, 2011
The way of sucking

losing in a fasion where losing does not do it justice or people who play WOW all the damm time
Guy with no life: I just got lvl 85 in 3 days in WOW

Normal man: WOW you fail at life
by Gord163 January 14, 2011
(noun) netspeak for really bad
Twilight had Bella name her daughter Renesmee. FAIL
by MadsCoven November 12, 2010
A usually unpleasant and uproariously funny lack of success. Usually used by teens and those idiots that hang around internet chat rooms (no one likes them).

Fail-The classic fail. Implying no success, and a heavy emphasis on idiocy and retardation.
Epic Fail-A Fail above the normal Fail. Implying even heavier emphasis on the sheer lunacy of the event.
Ultra Fail-Failing to the point of absolute horror and insanity. Only several Ultra Fails are known to be in existence today.
Teacher: Johnny, would you like to come up to the board and explain the word failure for us?
Johnny: Uh, so it's when you do stuff, and stuff happens that's bad and stuff.
Teacher: Very good! Would you please spell it for the class?
Johnny: F-A-Y-L-Y-U-R
Teacher: Please excuse me, Johnny, but you FAIL.
by Thrasher13 February 27, 2010