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The 6 bffs at every school with the tightest bond. They are always hanging out and would do anything for each other.
The Faiges are having a dance-off this weekend.
by Prettymonkey June 17, 2016
That extroverted group of friends that brings excitement with them everywhere they go.
They're such Faiges.
by pumpkinboo June 17, 2016
The most chill group of girls that party every weekend. Whether it's just them, or their guys as well, they always have a good time.
Woah, did you check snapchat? The faiges are partying again.
by DJshortie June 24, 2016
Smoke weed or cigarettes all the time.Intoxicated and high every chance they get.
Preferred Beverages: French Vanillas
Text Manics. They only pound it. Nail polish a must preferably black. Never without acessories. Can be heard listening to upbeat remix's of popular songs. Has a photo trend of shapes with arms in every picture.
"Tabbie, April and Monika are such Faiges"
by dudeimwilder January 21, 2009
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