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So fabulous must be gay, homosexually good
wow this interior designer is just fagulous!

didnt he do a fagulous job cutting my hair?
by F.Kanal December 23, 2002
A unique kind of fabulous. Putting the word FAG and FABULOUS together in a verbal synergistic bond taking the the two terms to a whole new level. Fagulous is much more gay and fabulous than regular gay and fabulous terms on there own.
Hey Moe, you look absolutely fagulous when you put those oversized porn-star sunglasses on.
by S-Class sucks! August 18, 2005
A fabulous gay person...(no offense towards the gay community)
Has a great idea of what to wear, whats hot, whats not, et cetera.
OMG! He is so fagulous!
by Sophia Genovese-Halvorson February 06, 2006
A special kind of fabulous. More gay than regular fabulous.
That John is just fagulous.
by EvilPeaches July 23, 2005
one who is fabulous and gay
jack from will and grace is beyond fagulous!
by Jessica November 30, 2004
Adj. describing the positive gay or almost gay aspects of a person or thing. Something defined as fagulous will have incredible style, quality, or pop cultural recognizability.
1. Anton: Sergei's cardigan looks killer today! Surely he must be gay!

Sydney: No, he's not gay; his sense of style is fagulous.
by Sydgay July 09, 2013
An item, usually an article of clothing, that is overly flamboyant and quintessentially homosexual in nature
Nigel, that purple feather boa is simply fagulous!
by Uncle Guido September 05, 2008
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