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Fagging is when a 40-foot gerbil sticks a fag up his ass.
My ass feels so empty, let's go fagging.
by Lowrider June 02, 2003
9 44
An exclamatory term of disbelief.
Cisse missed the goal? Are you fagging me?
by Cisse4Life September 11, 2005
102 65

1. The informal apprenticeship of a younger male student to an older male student.

2. An old tradition having younger boys serve students in higher grades, doing things from running small errands to polishing boots, in exchange for influence or protection.
During the nineteeth century official fagging has become obsolete in public schools.
by Alluvia May 29, 2007
77 86
v. 1. to perform or act like a fag.
2. to indulge in homo-erotic fantasies.

adj. 1. homosexual-esque.
2. queery, gay, crooked, fairy.

adv. fag'ging'ly
1. To perform an action in a faggety manner.
v1. ex. Hey, why you fagging?
2. ex. Look at him, he fagging again!

adj1.ex. This fagging bastard has got to stop!

adv1.ex. He faggingly tiptoed across the room.
by ZionMagus August 14, 2003
10 40
To act in a flamboyantly homosexual manner of panic involving the flapping of arms, wrist flicking, increased figididity, girlish screams and repeated use of "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!"
Dan starts fagging about at even the first sight of an insect
by DCCW84 July 10, 2008
13 45
Homosexual relations.
Bruce and I got some fagging in at school.

by H TO THE ARLOT December 09, 2002
10 42
v. screwin every fuckin thing up!
"man that asshole is fagging up tha table!"
by bobb February 06, 2003
5 38
to show off your drumming skills. given its name because the person showing off is usually called a fag by the people surrounding him.
james is such a fag when he is fagging with his asian triplets.
by drummer5676 July 10, 2008
4 38