to repeatedly post a homophobic joke online about Harley riders, not knowing that you are being a dumbass
It was quite noobish & idiotic of the homophobic nerd to try to promote a mainstream cartoon by calling Harley Riders "fags."
by Encoriah January 24, 2010
1. British cigarette
2. A bundle of sticks
3. A word used to describe someone who is homosexual (ie: a guy who takes pictures of himself and posts them on facebook, a guy whose named varun, etc...)
4. A word for a person so ignorant of their manliness that they reak of fagsauce
Kobina: dudde do you know that kid varun that thinks he's cool because he has a girlfriend?
Jorge: yea, ese, he took pictures of himself and posted them on facebook for all his guy friends to see..
Random person: WHAT A FAG!
by friedchicken69 August 07, 2008
a mindless noob who keeps posting the same stupid joke about Harley riders being fags
Please stop ruining Urban Dictionary by posting the same homophobic "fag" joke over & over.
by Tockobraille January 13, 2010
an extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with South Park nerds, who wastes everybody's time by repeatedly posting a fag joke about Harley riders to Urban Dictionary.
The South Park nerd thought he was being funny when he copied an old joke about "fags" from a past-its-prime cartoon an posted it on Urban Dictionary. But he wasn't funny; he was just pathetic. We are not laughing with you, we are laughing at you.
by Plantainigan January 09, 2010
2. Anyone annoying & inconsiderate enough to repost an old joke about Harley riders as a definition of "fag" on Urban Dictionary

2. Anyone who thinks the above behavior is funny.
fag jokes don't become funny just because you copy them from a mainstream cartoon & post them online.
by erftiuguille January 18, 2010
anyone who posts a joke over & over to Urban Dictionary, especially if it's an unoriginal joke they heard on a Viacom cartoon like South Park.
To post a fag joke on line is to truly be an inconsiderate, annoying douche bag.
by Rhererette January 13, 2010
It is really fag to call Harley Riders "fags," even if the TV box told you it was funny.
fag jokes aren't funny just because you say them over & over
by soccerplatess January 27, 2010

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