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Located in Northern Virginia about forty minutes from Washington DC, this small town is home to Yuppies and immigrants who mow the lawns of said Yuppies.

Kids refer to it as the "ghetto of Loudoun", "Sleezburg", or just "the Burg", even though almost everyone in town lives in a McMansion and owns a BMW.
Leesburg gangsta: I'm so hard, I sold the BMW my parents bought me for drug money.
by 37153 June 22, 2007
1. Woodbridge, Virginia; a Washington DC suburb.
2. One of the few places where your Guatemalan neighbors grow corn in their front yard.
Harvey: Every time I look out of my window, I see Oscar messing with his corn.
Steve: Only in Hoodbridge.
by 37153 June 22, 2007
1.Scenesters who prowl the Boards on Neopets. They typically display these characteristics:

1. They only use the default avatar on the boards, along with a fluorescent signature.
2. Usually rant about TNT freezing their previous accounts because they posted a hundred pictures of themselves.
3. Think they have a grasp on intellectual topics and decide to shove it down other's throats.
4. Jeffery Star is an idol.
The neo-scene is lamer than the site itself.
by 37153 June 22, 2007
1. "Fantastically Awesome and Great Summer"; Used when a loser asks you to sign their yearbook, and you don't want to be the thousandth person to write HAGS.

2. Doubles as a subtle insult.
Harvey: Hey, will you sign my yearbook?

Steve: Sure, hey what's your name again? Never mind- "Have a FAGS."
by 37153 June 21, 2007
A presidential hopeful who is the object of affection for young women.
"I cannot wait, 'til 2008
Baby you’re the best candidate
Of the new oval office,
You’ll get your head of state
I can’t leave you alone
‘Cause I’ve got a crush on Barack Obama"
by 37153 June 21, 2007
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