to have sex
John and Taylor fadoodled.

they were just fadoodling.

Tom and Katie will fadoodle.

you r a fadoodler.
by ImaBarbie December 26, 2010
Top Definition
another name for the penis. to be used in inappropriate situations when saying penis or any other common word for the organ is not possible
let me slide my fadoodle in your fanooder for a little bit.
by d!ngo April 11, 2005
Another word for "fuck"
"I don't give a flying fadoodle about that."

"What in the holy fadoodle is going on here?
by MissMeganLC October 11, 2013
Another word for Penis, commonly used in chatrooms to, like Wubbie, bring laughter among friends and confusion among the administration.

See Wubbie..
Bob: Lol ok I made the name Fadoodle

Me: xD Awesome now we can be best friends :D

Bob: I love you Wubbie

Me: I love you too Fadoodle
by PopTart3171996 November 18, 2011
its kinda like cuddling, except a fadoodle happens much faster and is usually far more sexual. in cuddling, you kinda just sit there and snuggle, but in a fadoodle, you go straight for the business.
Dude, you just got fadoodled!
I am about to fadoodle you.
Dude, Johnathan came out of no where and fadoodled the crap out of you.
by Hutch Jackson November 14, 2007
Fingering a dickhole.
"I'm gonna fadoodle you"
(response) "WTF?"
by slutcakes201 December 09, 2013
1. The act of releasing sperm upon a female's fadonkadonk
- "What did you do with jenny last night"
- "I Fadoodled hardcore .
- "damn dude that's some hardcore shit"
by the teenage monster November 30, 2011
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