A pancake.
Hey, will you pass that fadoodle? It looks tasty.
by jBrett July 30, 2010
to have sex
John and Taylor fadoodled.

they were just fadoodling.

Tom and Katie will fadoodle.

you r a fadoodler.
by ImaBarbie December 26, 2010
the act of farting and walking at the same time...
I've been fadoodlin all ding dang day!
Walk around the club fadoodle errrrywhereeee
by RACHMAN September 13, 2011
To doodle from far away.
"I fadoodled that tree." as opposed to "I doodled that tree from afar."
by Philip "The Pimp" L August 10, 2008
To pass the time in meetings fantazising and doodeling
That dinnerparty was so dull I fadoodled a whole stack of napkins...
by Bobshki Germish July 22, 2011
To sexually play with something, usually followed by a diminutive or pet name for a body part.

N. B. Fadoodle is best spoken with a brittish accent for effect
Please, fadoodle my tinker-toy!!!

Last night, during hibbityjibbity she fidoodled "The Captain", and I liked it...
by Axehold February 10, 2010
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