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Facework: Fayce-wurk
-nerb (noun, verb)

1. A combination of facebook and homework.
2. Getting very little accomplished.
3. Serious procrastination, often resulting in the victim having to request extensions from a teacher, mentor, parental unit, or master.

Dude#1: "Dude. Did you see how much facework I had last night? It was on my status for the four hours I was up!"
Dude#2: "No, I didn't. Did you get any done?"
Dude#1: "Yeah I got a ton finished, I cleared out my inbox, posted lots of comments, joined 3 groups, became a fan of 'laughing', friended a few dudes/dudettes I don't really know but I heard of, and poked about seventeen people!"
Dude#2: "Not what I meant. How much homework did you get done?"
Dude#1: "Oh. um...crap. I got the... heading ...done. that's about it."
Dude#2: "Got it. Next time, don't let facework take over your night, ok?"
Dude#1: "Dude number two. You do not realize that updating my status every other minute is my life."

Kendall's room~April 12, 2009; FACEBOOK + HOMEWORK
by 10dollarskendall April 12, 2009
The art of successfully ejaculating sperm onto a woman's face.
So Win asked Dot: "You didn't cum inside of her, right?" Dot replied: "Hell naw...I hit her with that facework!"
by TONYSTEELZ July 28, 2015
noun - time or activity spent on Facebook or other social media, but presented as valuable time spent on productive, worthwhile effort, particularly for your job

verb - to spend time on or engage in activities on Facebook or other social media and represent that time as being well-invested on product work or activities, particularly for your job
I'd love to stay and chat, but I have facework to do.
Dang, my boss caught me faceworking and I got written up.
by littlefrisco February 06, 2014

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