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A more extreme version of facepalm; with the forehead hitting a table (or the like) instead of a palm. Can be used as personal or indirect.

1. Used to show extreme displeasure at a statement or memory, causing sadness and limpness.

2. Used to show a violent action towards another person due to stupidity.
1. Mother: "How was your first day of school?"
Son: *Facetable* "meh, don't ask.."

2. Guy#1: "That's what she said!"

Guy#2: "...No." *facetables Guy#1*
by Lince September 09, 2009
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FaceTable is a "social school" network utility designed for students to share their timetables online with friends
Jim: "Hey John, Have you signed up for facetable yet?"
John: "Whats that?"
Jim ":O"
by CASTU245463 March 18, 2011

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