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A pot that is the exact perfect size for a brick of ramen.
"I really want some ramen, but we have no ramenpots left." :(
by Lince April 09, 2009
A more extreme version of facepalm; with the forehead hitting a table (or the like) instead of a palm. Can be used as personal or indirect.

1. Used to show extreme displeasure at a statement or memory, causing sadness and limpness.

2. Used to show a violent action towards another person due to stupidity.
1. Mother: "How was your first day of school?"
Son: *Facetable* "meh, don't ask.."

2. Guy#1: "That's what she said!"

Guy#2: "...No." *facetables Guy#1*
by Lince September 09, 2009
Something that fantastically depicts lemurs in any noticeable way, shape, or form. (positively or negatively)
1. That photo of Madagascar is simply lemurrific! (referring to actual lemurs)
2. Ick.. Take a bath, dude, you smell lemurrific. (referring to smell)
3. The colors on that painting are lemurrific! (referring to color)
by Lince July 08, 2009
1. The sound made by any flesh-bearing being when being struck with a massive blunt object. (preferably a large hammer)
Person 1: "Look out! A zombie!"
Person 2 (swinging hammer): *BLARSHKG* "Man that was a close one!"
by Lince April 03, 2009
1. The sound of eating large amounts of food at one time. (filling at least half of your mouth's capacity) Can be made by people or animals.
A man at a fancy restaurant: "GAWD, I love this french bread!" *WAHLMGH*
by Lince April 03, 2009
The sound for anything unwanted or angering that happens.
"Failed an essay AGAIN. Grfumble.."
"Crap, I can't hang out this weekend. Grfumble."
by Lince February 10, 2010
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