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Hooked on Facebook.
Constant social networking that impedes real-life interactions.
Mila is a terminal facehook... no life at all but social networking.
by rperazag July 08, 2010
35 21
facebook hooker. Someone who uses facebook as a dating site or to literaly find John's.
Jane is such a facehook, she's on her third facebook boyfriend.
by facecotter_1 January 08, 2008
21 8
<b>FaceHook</b> is a play on the name "<i>Facebook</i>" and the word "<i>Fishhook</i>," referring to the intentionally addictive nature of the Facebook platform. <b>FaceHook</b> also refers to the Facebook practice of making it extremely difficult to quit the application, using such tactics as prohibiting the export of a friends list / address book, making it nearly impossible to actually quit, etc.
Oh, we never hear from them any more - they're caught by the FaceHook.
by davimack January 05, 2011
6 1
A facebook status contrived to solicit comments from friends by deliberately posting nebulous statements designed to entice curiosity.
Examples of hypothetical facehooks:

Jon Doe has made a significant change in his life.

Jane Doe hopes last night never happens again.

Bill Thomas did something he thought he'd never do.
by Cragdor August 31, 2010
3 0
Facehook is a state of Facebook that pisses you off and makes you want to hit people. Your feed is filled with religious rants, generic posts talking junk about people but they are too chicken to say a name and/or political slander or you've seen too many selfies and it's way early..
You check your Facebook feed in the morning and see..

"(insert selfie) Some one at the store told me how beautiful I am"

"Good moms aren't out partying like I used to do cause I've changed and now I"m better than you!"

"Real Seahawks fans have been Seahawks fans since I've been a Seahawks fan"

You: "UGH! Facehook! I'll hit you up later... (closes app)
by Hollyfire February 05, 2014
1 1
A hooking-up session where the participants met one another via the social network facebook.
I noticed that that hot chick had "random play" in her profile, so I messaged her and arranged a facehook.
by Ryan88234 April 28, 2006
8 11