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Someone who constantly posts rap song lyrics on their Facebook wall to the irritation of their Facebook friends
Justin just posted ANOTHER Lil Wayne song again... stupid Facebook rapper!
by joesummer95 March 24, 2011
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One who posts one "rap" every status. These "raps" are usually very conceited and are trash. The people who post these think they "got mad rhymes", may be a part of a made up rap group and think they will make it big. But the truth is, they are just Facebook Rappers.
Everybody love me so why u be hatin, oh u mad I thought tht u be happy I made it
Facebook Rappers Unanimous
by Jevito August 11, 2011
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A face book rapper; A person that post their music, images and video clips of their performance on facebook, hoping to land a music contract.
Face Book Rappers, are people that hustle their music and their rapping skills to his/her friends via facebook and other social networks. By posting their links, and poster on line, they achieve a very large audience that's familiar with their music. Their audience is already familar with their music when they are on the streets our in their community. They are reconized eveywher they go. They already made a name for themselves on a local level. They perform at talent shows and music networking groups because people come up to them and say to them. I saw you on facebook. The group Goodlow have a song called Face Book Rappers
by AGoodlow January 29, 2010
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