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The act of internally vandalising another persons unlogged out facebook page. This may involve changing any or all of the following: status, profile pic, relationship status, info column, comments, pages joint, etc.
Generally the greatest facebook bombing involves changes such that much of the user's friends don't realise the foul play involved.
An Atomic facebook bombing is similar but involves changing as many things as possible in the most offensive way possible.
example 1: status

Louise Genzby: Just did the biggest shit aye!! Had to chop it up with the spatula to get it to flush!!!
---Reply 1: ewwww gross!!
---Reply 2: TMI!!!
---Reply 3: hahahaa great facebook bombing!!!

example 2: page joins

John Henry just joined the groups "Hot Guys", "Anal is Awesome," and "My Mother is Totally Hot"
by gekael February 10, 2010
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The act of writing a totally unrelated comment to someones posting.
fb user- Im cant get rid of this cold!
fb user 2- Try alka seltzer.
fb user 3- Try a beer!lol
facebook bombing- Francine got a great job!
fb user 1- wtf????
by Higross February 03, 2010
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to go back several months and comment on someone's wall
Peter's really pissing me off lately, he's been Facebook bombing me all day!
by Dropkicknoonan August 03, 2010
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