Excessive wall-to-wall conversations with your boyfriend/girlfriend or excessively posting statuses that are about them.
Dude, John and Raina are so annoying they fill my newsfeed with all their facebook fucking
by jshk5 May 01, 2010
A smothering of fb posts showing the entire digitial community you would like to screw someone without actually have contact with them in the physical world.
-he posted on my wall 7 times in 2 days!
-yeah he's facebook fucking you.
by eljugarsupremeo June 21, 2010
v. The act of sexting or phone sex over Facebook chat
1: Hey Betty! Guess who I was Facebook fucking yesterday?
2: idk! Was it Evan?

1: omg! Yeah!
2: oh boo, you whore.
by Sassafras.Honeybadger January 04, 2012
a facebook fucking is when a person on facebook stares at your "profile picture" 24 hours a day while french kissing their monitor. If the monitor reciprcates It will even lead sex with the computer monitor.
FB snuggler: I had some facebook fucking last night with Michael Chang.

FB Fag: Really, I thought you hated him.

FB snuggler: I do but I can't resist kissing and fucking my monitor when ever his profile picture is on my screen. I do it with my Iphone too.

FB Fag: Your having unprotected sex with a monitor and i phone? what hole do you stick it on?

FB snuggler: well for the iphone I insert my dong into the earphone jack and for my monitor I do it anally.

FB Fag: Damn You're a fag Ahmad Kado
by TacoBurglar January 11, 2010
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