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V. To back out of or delete a comment, message, wall post, chat request, or any other forms of social engagement on Facebook.

Often occurs after rethinking the other person's reaction.

1) I was so drunk last night I wound up messaging Brittany that I didn't wear a rubber... I should've Facebacked.

2) I was going to compliment Cindy, then I realized it was 2:00 a.m. and Facebacked.

3) I sent that bitch a message that I wanted to marry her, my god I wish I Facebacked.
by Guitano98 March 28, 2009
A skill that is acquired to determine the facial appearance and attractiveness of a person from only witnessing the back of the persons head.
A rating from 0-10 is then conducted before seeing the person. The more accurate your rating was, the better Facebacker you are.
Tom: Hey Jerry, that girl in front of us has appealing buttocks. I faceback her an 8, what do you think ?

Jerry: She's alright but with those size 9 feet I would faceback her a 4.
by Mr_Ryt_Now November 25, 2013
the feedback one receives from one's friends who have visited one's facebook.
The faceback I have been receiving for the last few days is imposing.
by uttam maharjan March 12, 2011