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When you're FaceTiming someone and another person jumps in and jacks some facetime.
You: Hi mom, how are you
FaceJacker: blaaahhh! you just got FaceJacked!
Mom: ?
by rinconada October 31, 2010
3 8
The act of breaking into someone's Facebook account and editing the profile to involve potentially embarrassing or humiliating information.
I don't actually love cock and think Hugh Grant is dreamy. I was facejacked! No, seriously!
by April 22, 2007
59 38
The action of masturbating to one's facebook pictures.
After facebook creeping on her, I totally face jacked on her photos.
by morrishall September 30, 2010
10 1
To masturbate to someone's uploaded pictures on facebook
i was so horny that i looked up emily on facebook and facejacked until 1 am
by jackoffasaurous Rex June 22, 2010
23 20
The act of hijacking a friend's Facebook wall.
The dude facejacked my wall the other day with mother jokes.
by Jack Rabbit Flats January 04, 2010
7 10
Using your friends' Facebook posts and comments to sell or promote one's own products or services. This is often in direct competition to the original poster.
Original post: "I just started a Mary Kay business! Please buy my self-tanner."

Comment: "Mary Kary is alright, but I use Avon's and it works best. Here is the link to my site..."

Original post(er): "Hey don't facejack me!"
by pattiwordsmith March 28, 2011
1 7
Verb: To comment to a Facebook post, status message, or other item in a direction unrelated or contrary to the original poster's thoughts or purpose. (By extension from blogjack; see hijack.)
She Facejacked the comments on his profile pic into a critique of his serial dating habits.

"Sorry to Facejack your post, but I *hate* that phrase!"
by jhv August 12, 2009
12 18