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To be punitively removed from another’s Facebook friend list.

Often accompanied by a sense of anger and rejection.
I got into an argument with {person} so he / she deleted me from their Facebook, I got Faceburned.
by M. Swiger November 27, 2010
Getting burned by someone you rehookup with after facebook reunited the two of you.
I don't want to get faceburned, but I cant wait to see him again.

They were setting a date for their wedding and then he faceburned her.
by Margo... October 24, 2010
The act of getting owned (burned) on facebook
Usually on a controversial status or relationship change.
<Name> says FSUcks
<Stupid Girl> Bitch shut the fuck up, their were some BS calls.
<Smart Girl>Bitch don't talk out of your high school ass, I'm to smart to play this game on facebook. Come back when you have some real knowledge.
<Other Commenters> Oh you got faceburned!
by DPDragon September 08, 2009
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