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Going to meet a female strictly To mouth pump a her regardless of what she looks like.
Wanna go to the bulls game with me?
Nope sorry i have a face date.
by vdux1 April 14, 2009
Verb. The act of adding, browsing and creeping/lurking ones profile. Used as a virtual, informal way of dating before actually putting in the effort to meet the potential "date" in reality. Occurs on many online networking sites, most notably Facebook.
Jim: "Did you see Maria's profile? This girl has some class. She's one of hem euro chicks to. Damn, I think I might message her and actually tr and meet her bro"

Da'Quan: " Do it up man. But why bother - didn't you see that pic of her on that coffee table after her keg stand?"

Jim: " True. Well said. Onto the next one...*damn Face-dates, maybe i shouldn't have spent hours creeping her profile before hand...* "
by uk3s February 20, 2010
A planned time and date to chat with your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush on Facebook. Usually when you can't meet up or you're out of credit and just want to talk.
Girl: Same time tomorrow?
Boy: It's a Face Date!
by LateWorm January 03, 2011
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