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Verb. The act of adding, browsing and creeping/lurking ones profile. Used as a virtual, informal way of dating before actually putting in the effort to meet the potential "date" in reality. Occurs on many online networking sites, most notably Facebook.
Jim: "Did you see Maria's profile? This girl has some class. She's one of hem euro chicks to. Damn, I think I might message her and actually tr and meet her bro"

Da'Quan: " Do it up man. But why bother - didn't you see that pic of her on that coffee table after her keg stand?"

Jim: " True. Well said. Onto the next one...*damn Face-dates, maybe i shouldn't have spent hours creeping her profile before hand...* "
by uk3s February 20, 2010
When a movie trailer depicts enough scenes to leave one feeling as if though they have effectively seen the movie.

The thought of actually going to see the movie is greatly diminished after viewing the trailer; The feeling of wanting more or anticipation is lost.

Opposite of trailer fraud
- "Did you see that trailer about "that new movie"
- "Ya... A bit of a let down..."
- "What do ya mean?! Doesn't it look totally far out radtacular!"
- "Well, what more can they show, it was a Trailer Travesty"

ex. Casino Royale
by uk3s December 19, 2009

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