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A super hot girl, all guys like her, not concieted, likes to have fun, enjoys sports, very friendly, very pretty.
Girl 1: Wow i wish i was like Fabi!
Girl 2: Yea Fabi is very cool!

Guy 1: Damn Fabi finnne!
Guy 2: Yeah rigth on man!
by dailydefenitions2 October 29, 2009
178 87
funny and beautiful chick.. some times "annoying", the most friendly, lovely, and extremly hilarious girl... she's cute!

fabi is so kolb!

fabi makes me happy
by x506x May 28, 2010
68 28
In a state of fabulosity . . .
Oh my God, that girl has a sense of fabi
by Jota Erre October 14, 2009
61 35
A ninja with dual supercharger-ram-gravy.
Hey, look at that Fabi. He's a ninja with a dual supercharger-ram-gravy.
by "Lover Boy" December 20, 2003
54 66