Normally a basket ball team or gymnastics team, but can also be a group of girls. This group of girls are talented in the arts of singing and dancing. Also, they are typically popular, beautiful and well loved. And the five girls, always party.
"Did the Fab Five is throwing another party? They are so cool!"
"Did you see the Fab Five today? They looked sexy."
#party people #loved #popular #beautiful #cool #talented #sexy #hot
by Anonymousss.girl July 29, 2014
Five guy guys out to make over the world one straight man at a time who star on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on Bravo.
Jai Rodrieguez, the sexy gay man who is part of the fab five, is sexy and gay.
by WrestlesWithHobbits January 16, 2005
when someone sticks all five fingers in someones butthole
when I was in the military, johnny fab fived me because he said it would make me more relaxed in combat.
by Broc Li April 09, 2005
The five members of Duran Duran.
When the Fab Five came on stage, the crowd went wild.
by Charlie March 23, 2005
An overated group of homosexual men who everyone loves because in this decade, people love anything gay, they also appear to have good taste in fashion due to the ridiculousness of the men they makeover
I love the Fab Five, therefore, I am hypnotized by th machine.
by c4uc4zn321 March 11, 2005
just to add the etymology,
The FAB FOUR referred to the Beatles.
The Queer Eye guys I suppose reminded folks of the popularity and zaniness, the mop head hair and foppish dress of mod London and of the Beatles (John Lennon, Paul Mc Cartney etc)
the film "A Hard Day's Night" and "Yellow Submarine"
by KatWoman January 08, 2005
The minimum number of faggots required to loop a daisy chain so everyone has dick in their ass, whilst having ass around their dick
Hey you bitches, 4 just isn't enough honey...go find Bruce so we can have a fab five, otherwise someones dick is gonna be dry tonight.
by BrokenMan June 19, 2005
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