stupid gibberish created by people who are too stupid to know real words, so they make up ones.
"fa shizzle ma nizzle or go gizzle on my wizzle"
by Even Flow May 31, 2005
Top Definition
Slang term for "for sure."
That hamburger was good, fa shizzle.
by Saqqara July 31, 2003
It means for real, it is a part of the izzle dailect, in which you take the first letter and add izzle, in which most are like this. In this case making for into fa and adding sh and then izzle.
It may also be said foshizzle, forshizzle or fashizzle, never is it forizzle.
He is fashizzle.
That Nikhil kid, i'm not shaw if he's fashizzle.
by Bally March 24, 2005
derivative of "fo sho", which comes from "for sure"
The X is where its at
Fa shizzle
by pyroprincess July 18, 2003
for sure
"you want to smoke a green?" "fashizzle"
by lod February 01, 2003
same as 'fo sho' or 'tru dat' or 'yes'. Derived by blending and twisting 'for sure' in a Snoop-esque manner
Dat yo shorty? Fashizzle.
You da man. Fashizzle, you know it.
by ebonica April 09, 2003
coined by Snoop Doggy Dog with his crackhead in an attempt to make rhymes in his rap songs.
fo shizzle mah nizzle
by mofohoe April 23, 2005
Yes...plain and simple
"Are you going?"

by Dude! September 23, 2003
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