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Stands for F****n white kid(s).

Any group of white teenagers or young adults, male or female, who are generally spoiled and rude. They most likely receive a top-notch education, play hockey, and have a pretty awesome phone. This term is used when an aforementioned caucasian does something that any other person of any other race would not do.
Person 1: Look at those white ids at the back of the class.
Person 2: Wow, they're so retarted.
Person 1: Bunch of FWKs, eh?
by YoMoommmmaaaa November 25, 2009
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Fook wang klan, a klan made by Dani, Logan, Ricki, Rachel.. And later Kari joined.
There is the FWK. Look at them rock.
by danilogankarirauhukclricki March 08, 2004
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Fook Wang Klan. Asian Urban Ganster Mafia. Composed of 5 girls also known as the Fag 5.
You are as bad as the FWK.
by ricki March 08, 2004
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