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Fucked Up Stupid Idea
Get serious! No more FUSI's!
by Scott B2 December 24, 2008
FUSI is a acronym for FUn, Sexy, In control. FUSI is a slogan for the new sexy clothing company SplitPeaches.com
Live the Split Peaches FUSIgirl lifestyle. Be FUn, Sexy, In control!!
by SplitPeaches.com March 15, 2009
1. Shorthand for Fusion.
2. One who pwns others.
WHITE GUY: "fusi sucks"
FUSI: Shut up or I'll kill you.
WHITE GUY: "fusi sucks!!"
FUSI: *kills white guy*
WHITE GUY: *bleeding*
FUSI: "Thank you."

Narrator: In this example, we clearly see the 'fusi' 'pwnt' the white guy.
by t3h gEno April 30, 2005