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Noun: A board game by Wiggity Bang Games that is totally random.
Did you play FURT? I did.
by Marvin D. Martin October 08, 2012
Indefinite insult, often used in horrible rap battles on YouTube and Ebaum's to describe someone who is cartoonish, or has cartoon-like qualities. It is unknown whether or not it will offend the person it is said to. Spelling is debatable.
You have a bull on your shirt... you look like a furt... from a cartoon. A coon, and it ruins like prunes... you live with racoons! Animal boom? You live in Kalamazoo.. you foo!
by Arnold Fitzgerald September 17, 2007
A word shrouded in mystery. Due to its connotation in the terrible yet awesome rap battle between two caucasian males in middle school, its meaning is undetermined. It may or may not be an insult. When the large-toothed male Raindrop rebuts by proclaiming Mike a "furt", a new word was created.
Furt's ability to be an insult is dampened by the fact that a majority of people do not comprehend the word.

Spelling is certainly debatable, but an interview of Raindrop has clarified the matter. The "u" is most definitely right. There isn't an I. nope.
You have a {bowl; bull} on your shirt, you look like a... furt from a cartoon. A coon. And it {runes; ruins} like prunes. Animal boom. Kala.. You live in Kalamazoo, you FOO!
by Sir Walter of Scotts October 29, 2007
Combination of fine and hurt. Meaning: that's fine, but it hurts; a feeling of ambivalence.
You got a promotion instead of me? That kind of furts.
by Mr. King February 24, 2004
When an animal sheds in large quantities, or leaves behind a lot of fur on someone's lap. These balls of fur, aka "furt" may seem to be expelled from the animal like a fart.
"Every time I turn around, that cat has furted on my carpet!"

"Did you see all the furt that Fluffy left behind after her nap?"
by chasingariel October 25, 2009
An indefinite insult, directed at a single person. Popularized in the infamous rap battle featured on youtube and embaum's. A furt is apparently some sort of cartoon creature, but there is uncertainty of its existence. Spelling is debatable.

You have a {bowl or bull} on your shirt, you look like a.... furt from a cartoon. A coon. And it runes (ruins?) like prunes. Animal boom. Kala.. You live in Kalamazoo, you FOO!
by Yogi Christinson September 25, 2007
1. acronym: fucked up right there.

Typically preceded by "that's"
Jimmy: dude, check out this youtube of "Funky Forest - After School Club"
Jeb: Dude! That's FURT!
by Jay-Fizz November 07, 2010
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