Also know as the acronym for "Fat Upper Pussy Area", is a term used to describe the general region of the human torso located just under the navel.
Characterized by saggy-ass skin, no remaining elasticity, wrinkles, rolls, flab, ugliness, lumps, cellulite, muffin-top, bad-fitting clothes, and being single; this condition is not normally regarded as attractive.
Causes which lead one to develop a FUPA are typically, but not limited to: obesity, loosing weight, really unfortunate skin disproportion, your baby’s daddy, severe laziness, switching from beer to gin, and being really fucking old.
FUPA can be corrected via tummy-tuck, girdles, excessive exercise, skin-eating disease, marathon sex or an eating disorder.
This term is feminine and is thus almost entirely used in reference to the female gender… but, could potentially be altered (replace the P-ussy with C-ock) and used for a really messed up dude, probably jacked on some form of synthetic estrogen or just really flabby in an odd spot.
"Gawd, your mamma is so fat, when you want to find her pussy you have to flip her FUPA untill you smell shit and then go back one."
by Lonny Da Tiger February 24, 2008
Fat upper pussy area.
That bitch has a fupa!
by KrAzY88 July 17, 2008
Accroym that stands for Fat Upper Pussy Area. Commonly seen when women wear tight pants and they have a bulge of fat above their pelvic region.
My teacher's pants are so tight, it outlines her FUPA.
by Misty May April 15, 2007
the area above a womans pussy , and below her belly button . the " FAT , UPPER , PUSSY , AREA " .
" my ex-girl's FUPA is flabby , that's why i amost never went down on her , her FUPA would almost suffocate me , unless i held it back " .
by 8-BALL OLSON December 16, 2006
Fat upper pussy area - When a girl has fat roll below her belly but above her twink.
That girl looks good but has a FUPA
by Timmy Wilks October 08, 2010
Refers to a woman with a large fat area that hangs over her private parts.
"Yuck, look at that woman's fupa
by UDisgreat March 23, 2010
The fat upper pussy area on a woman.
That woman was so large her Fupa hung down to her knees.
by Man of Steel 1978 January 06, 2010

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