Fat Upper Pussy Area> When a womans waist grows extremely large and round, out of proportion from the rest of her body.
"Mrs. Marshall has a huge FUPA."
by Fub Cornelius Storozuk April 13, 2003
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Acronym for "Fat Upper Pubic Area"; common misinterpretations include "Fat Upper Pussy Area," "Fat Upper Penile Area" and "Farting Under Pelicans Asses." Also, often confused with FUBU, an overpriced brand of clothes that suburban caucasian adolescent males wear to impress suburban caucasian females who associate the clothing with large genetalia.

Descriptive of the phenomenon common with men and women so afflicted by obesity that their pubic area is used to store patches of fatty waste.
"Can a nigga get a FUPA dance?"
"Shake your FUPA like no one is watching"
"You don't love me, you just love my FUPA biatch!"
Fat Upper Pussy Area (aka. Gunt)-You've all seen them, most commonly associated with obese burnt out High School Teachers (Good God man, I've seen FUPAS swallow an entire desk whole!!) and the Wolf Pack(You know who you are).

Causes: Fupatitis P.

Only know cure: Fupandectomy
Biiiaatch, get your god damn FUPA off my desk!!

Mrs. Addis, I mean Da'aaaam! (nuff said)

Look at dem fupers over der eh. (Canadian Fupa sighting)
by The UNIT February 28, 2004
Acronym for Fat Upper Pussy Area. Describes the small area of fatty tissue that covers a woman's pubis bone. Not to be confused with a "flap" an obese person's (man's or woman's) hanging stomach fat that sometimes hangs low enough to obscure the genitals. FUPA size is typically unrelated to overall body fat percentage.

The FUPA serves to absorb any bumps to the area and prevent the bone-on-bone effect from the male and female pelvic bones bumping during intercourse in the missionary position. It also pushes the top of the Labia Majory slightly forwards and away from the body in the human female, providing her with additional sexual pleasure, not that most of you drunk a-holes care about her pleasure.
"Sometimes I can make my bitch cum just by sticking it in her and grinding on her FUPA."
by Felicia O July 11, 2009
FUPA known as Fat Upper Pussy Area, but other variations include, GUPA- Giant Upper Pussy Area, HUPA- Huge Upper Pussy Area, and lastly CHALUPA- Can't Have A Larger Upper Pussy Area. Of course the variations depend upon the size of the beast. There are no specific weight classes identified yet. More to follow.
The Fupa is that flabby area above the vagina. (stomach)
by FMM May 02, 2007
FUPA is an acronym for Fat Upper Pussy Area. Contrary to popular belief, the FUPA is *not* a roll of fat hanging over the vaginal area. Rather, it is the area directly *above* the vaginal area which has become enlarged.

The FUPA has strange effects on its victims. Primarilly, those that suffer from FUPA are completely oblivious to its presence. Furthermore, the FUPA has the strange ability to cause its host to wear their jeans up near the belly button, which further accents its glory. (Some scientists have come to believe that the FUPA has a rudementary intelligence)

Women who are 3-5 months pregnant demonstrate the most excellent examples of the FUPA. Be careful before asking a woman if she's pregnant! Most likely, it is just her FUPA.

It must be understood that men do NOT suffer from FS (Fupa Syndrome). It is a trait only found in women.
"Hey, are you pregnant? Or is that just your FUPA?"

by Raxxnall FIngleheimer July 16, 2006
pronounced (Foo-Pah) That roll of flab over the genitals that occurs in obese people. Looks most hideous when seen through sweatpants.
In females stands for "Fat Upper Pussy Area" and in males "Fat Upper Penis Area"
Brenda was a sweet girl, but unfortunately had an enormous FUPA that prevented her from attracting potential boyfriends.
by KerryB September 06, 2005
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