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A city in the North East of England consisting of 10 per cent students and 90 per cent chavs(also see chav).
"Damn, that's the biggest gathering of chavs I've ever seen!"

"What do you expect in Hull?"
by Becki February 04, 2005
a big fat upper pussy area
amanda rebel
by becki December 31, 2003
Skit meaning to diss or make fun of.

Used in some areas of the UK.
Don't skit me! It's not my fault I still like the Spice Girls.
by Becki February 04, 2005
a white person who only likes coloures dick
can be used to offend really annoying people
god, u r such a mudshark
by becki April 30, 2003
Having said a logical, accurate statement to a complete brainless idiot and then being struckdown with a "whatever"!
John tried to explain to Cindy the damaging effects of abusing her credit cards with excessive shopping but was abrubtly whatever'd.
by Becki March 26, 2005
Residual grease found in ones butt crack. It may stem simply from sweat or sex liquid having oozed back there (or maybe sex actually having taken place there with the aid of KY warming liquid or baby oil). The person with the malady may feel an odd slippery sensation when they walk, shift in their set, or sit down.
I felt my butt cheeks slide in opposition to one another after having an explosion of butt grease caused by my queef barfing out lots of spunk and splattering my back door.
by Becki February 12, 2005
A Japanese R&B singer.

DOUBLE originally consisted of the two sister Takako and Sachiko who hit the J-R&B scene in Febuary 1998 with the fresh new single 'For Me'. DOUBLE climbed their way to success but this was cut short - the group was hit by a painful tragedy in May 1999 when Sachiko passed away due to a brain hemorage.
Takako decied to carry on the recording using the name DOUBLE and shortly after returning to the music scene in 2000, released the maxi-single 'Angel' in memory of her sister Sachiko, which shot straight to the top of the Oricon.

Today Takako is seen as one of Japan's most influencial and successful R&B artists.
DOUBLE is tight. RIP Sachiko
by Becki February 04, 2005

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