The short meaning for the Hong Kong John Chow term for "fucks up." This makes the term generally more conversation appropriate in the workplace.
Brennen: John, don't fucks up!
Robert: Brennen, say fups instead! Don't fups!
by Bennett@LA March 17, 2014
Fat upper pussy. Refers to the flab that many women have in the lower abdominal/pelvic area.
Oh my God look at that woman's FUP!
by aerialriver July 12, 2009
Fat, Ugly, Poor and Stupid. An acronym for the guy at the bar that you turn down, even on an off night.
Ingrid: I think that guy likes you. He's been giving you the eyes all night.

Elsa: Eww. He's totally FUPS. I'd rather go home alone and organize my sock drawer.
by Veranda Collingwood April 19, 2011
When you want to say shut the fuck up, but there are little kids around, and you can't say it.
Jenny: Wow, did your mom buy that shirt for you? *laughs*
Craig: Shut the f'up.
by Welcome2urLife May 27, 2009
A stupid fat useless prick who is just is a dickhead. In Latin a dickhead majoris.
He is such a fup
by jackawesome1703 June 16, 2014
Fat Upper Pussy Sack
Its the bulge of fat that hangs over the gentalia area and is tucked into clothing, I.e trousers, creating a fups!
by jam master jules January 11, 2012
Fat upper pussy; ponch
She looked hot, but then I saw her fup.
by mamma12 March 30, 2009

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