Fat Ugly Pig also Fucking Ugly Pig

1) Someone who has been cursed with both a lack of good looks as well as being over weight.

2) Someone who is so hideously ugly that looking at them makes your eyes hurt.
"Beulah Balbricker" from Porkys and the "Momma" from Throw Momma From the Train are 2 famous people/movie characters who were FUPs.

I wanted to poke my eyes out with a sharp and hot object after seeing that FUP wearing a tiny bikini at the beach.
by Darclyte July 20, 2006
Top Definition
Acronym for Fat Upper Pussy, the roll of fat located just above a chunky woman's crotch. See also Vagbag
I woulda banged her accept for that nasty FUP.
by Crum March 28, 2003
To "Fuck up" or mess up badly
Okay, the pressure's on.....dont f up
by HlfAznHlfWhtie February 12, 2006
A Fat Upper Pussy (See BIF)
Wow! Take a look at that chick and her FUP. (Fat Upper Pussy).
by Cra Rey November 10, 2005
Fat Upper Pussy, usually causing an unsitely fat bulge just above the pubic region.
Her fup is so big, she has to sit an extra foot away from her desk because her fup is in the way.
by Dirk Diggler January 14, 2003
Fat Upper Pussy. When a womans stomach is so fat that it hangs down over the na-na.
by jake March 07, 2003
short for "fuck up"... Australian for: make a mistake, cause a problem. Usually used by women who like to appear "cooth" or "cultured"
"Struth you idiot! What a f up you did on that job". Past tense, f'd up: "You really f'd up this time, Mate!"
by Linda Murdoch February 10, 2006
The short meaning for the Hong Kong John Chow term for "fucks up." This makes the term generally more conversation appropriate in the workplace.
Brennen: John, don't fucks up!
Robert: Brennen, say fups instead! Don't fups!
by Bennett@LA March 17, 2014
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