"For The Win!"

Used in online games such as "Anarchy Online" or "World of Warcraft"

Usually used sarcastically or jokingly.
Solitus Enforcer N00b FTW!

Quality level 300 Alien armor FTW!

Gimpy character setup FTW...jk
by Nuthman March 06, 2006
An abbrieviation of "Free The Weed". Used commonly in graffiti in countries where the use of cannabis for recreational purposes is prohibited and is refering to the legalisation of cannabis.
Hey man, whats that your smokin? a joint?
Nice! FTW!
by Frank Ellis August 24, 2007
Acronym meaning, For the Win, but rarely can be used as Fuck the what.

Can be clarified by changing the f to a 4, i.e. 4tw.
Whorde (lolerz) ftw!
by Artifishalfish January 18, 2007
FTW is an inverted back-formation on the Internet-popularized WTF, thus meaning: Fuck the What. This can either be used to discourage vacillation with regard to the particulars of a specific procedure -- as in medical parlance: "FTW we're taking out! This guy needs an operation!" -- or more concretely, with reference to suggested acts of copulation, as:
You want me to FTW?!
by Christopher Locke December 31, 2006
this means "fuck the world" is was created by non other than tupac shakur
fuck the world...west side in this muthafuka right here west side...hahah FTW bitch
by derrty mo August 08, 2007
An acronym for "Fuck The What."
Not to be confused with For The Win or Fuck The World.
It is the backwards What The Fuck WTF.
".gnos yppup a sgnis taht elahw retsoor a era uoY."

by Jerry Procter November 07, 2006
fuck the world
dude. ftw, im leaving
by Jesus Fucking Crist March 01, 2003

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