Fuck the World, used in Angst or Depression.
Fuck The World! And Fuck You Too!
by k0d33 March 28, 2005
1) A term loosely used to describe a situation,subject, or object that is better then another.
~Example: My girlfriend dumped me last night...Hookers ftw.

2) A short way to encourage the winnings of a team or organization by "Fighting The WayWin"
~Example: Chicago Bears FTW
Bob: My hot girlfri-
bob: yes...but she dumped me..
Jim: Fuck well..at least the white sox are doing good this year
by Omerta September 05, 2007
Shorthand for 'for the win' or 'for teh win'.
"Gonna get me a pool out back ftw."
by AZHowie September 16, 2006
go fuck the wall u asshole
#1:im bored
#2: go ftw
by poop in ur mouth July 23, 2007
Web slang, meaning: For the Win!
EphraimxInnes?! Best pairing, FTW!

I win, FTW.

by Kurai Na July 17, 2006
"For The Win!"

Used in online games such as "Anarchy Online" or "World of Warcraft"

Usually used sarcastically or jokingly.
Solitus Enforcer N00b FTW!

Quality level 300 Alien armor FTW!

Gimpy character setup FTW...jk
by Nuthman March 06, 2006
An abbrieviation of "Free The Weed". Used commonly in graffiti in countries where the use of cannabis for recreational purposes is prohibited and is refering to the legalisation of cannabis.
Hey man, whats that your smokin? a joint?
Nice! FTW!
by Frank Ellis August 24, 2007

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