Forever True White
On the left arm, FTW in Old English.
by TheReaper420 May 28, 2010
Fuck the Way! sort of like "all the way", when you're for something.
"Jam? I love jam! JAM FTW!"
by ninjapussy July 30, 2009
Originally meant Fuck the World, but also stands for a LOT of different things. Best known as For the Win, though. Some other things it means...

1. Fuck the what.
2. Free the whales.
3. From the wilderness.
Girl: Don't you LOVE Snickers?
Boy: Hellz no byatch, TWIX FTW!
by ftwforever June 23, 2009
fut the whuck?
in text or chat: ftw? or ftw! fut the whuck! (just reversing the first sounds of the words, for emphasis)
by malitosis April 18, 2009
ftw is mostly know as for the win. Some noobs may call it for the world. However most people would slap them and say they know nothing because ftw means for the win and like the opposite ftl means for the lose. Even though it is commonly mistaken for for the loss.
Sarah: Amwit you're ftw. Woot.

Amwit: I know, I know, aren't I awesome?

Sarah: -nods- yes, yes you are. You keep thinking that -patshead-
by Nubcake2009 March 27, 2009
"For the win"

Not "for the wolf", because that's simply fail. It's for the win, believe it, ftw.
Mudkipz ftw!
by STEPHIZWRONG March 18, 2009
For The Win
4 The Win FTw
by 1990gsxmatt January 27, 2009

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