French Tasting Weiners
"Sexy Parties, FTW (French tasting Weiners)."
by notrigsby May 21, 2009
fuck the what?
used as a expression of surprise, or reassurance
- Janice is going out w. John
- ftw? u serious?!?!?

- im inviting u to my party on saturday!
- ftw?! fuck yes i'll go!
by insntjesus March 17, 2009
For The Win
4 The Win FTw
by 1990gsxmatt January 27, 2009
a abbreviation for FUCK THE WHAT
person 1: WTF!
person 2: no FTW!
by SJAK November 01, 2008
its not for the win!
for the win is stupid and makes no sense

FTW truely stands for "Fuck The World"

basically but means "fuck whatever the rest of the world thinks, i am right!"

used when arguing your point to signify you do not care what they think and that you know you are right
josh: pepsi is so much tastier that cola
tom: FTW colas better
by MrFaggot August 16, 2007
Fuck the what? While classically for Fuck the World and For the Win, making a comeback as being a doucher saying.
What the fuck? Fuck the what? FTW?
by Almighty Joe August 18, 2009
fuck the what?
you can use this expression interchangeably with what the fuck, or as a response to someone telling you about sleeping with someone unatractive.

similar to wtf, or what the fuck.
*on facebook chat*
i slept with Martha last night
shes so large!
by thegoodfairy August 03, 2009

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