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text-speak with several translations. Most famously "F*CK THE WORLD!!!" Used in a very upbeat manner, FTW is not a negative or condemning phrase. Users often fist-pump while shouting this life-affirming three-word prediction.
Sir William shouted, "FTW!!!" as he boarded the Airbus A380 to Iraq. "We shall overcome!"

Bad Bob nicknamed his new sports car the "GT-R FTW"

Sunshine Sue says, "I got new nipple rings, girls, FTW!!!"
by L3 March 24, 2007
"Fut the Wuck!!!", clean expletive for folks that are pretty much bored by random obscenity. Derived from a obscene expletive.
"FTW!!! Your LOL made the home page again!"
by Catso March 03, 2009

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