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For The Record.
FTR, you're a cock buffin' bama!!!
by InCase February 05, 2003
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FTR - Chat acronym for "For the Record".
Alice: "Jenny, you're such a ho"
Jenny: "FTR, I never slept with John"
Alice: "You're still a ho"
by breonnagy July 20, 2008
For The Rage. Similar to For The Win, pertaining to partying
Ready for a RAGER tonight FTR!!!!
by RollzRoyce November 14, 2010
For the record
FTR - I did not puke in the kitchen sink
by Kaichai January 10, 2012
Fuck the Rest
I love Asking Alexandria!! FTR!!!
by Dionysus13 December 28, 2010
Biker lingo. Short for "Fuck The Rules". Similar to "Fuck The World". Expresses adversion to societal norms.
"Get married? Have kids? Work 9 to 5? F.T.R., man. All I wanna do, is get stoned and cruise."

by D, Gould February 08, 2006
For The Red Shit. When eating McDonald's for dinner in consecutive days, you have repulsive contractions in your rectum which causes crude explosions of diarrhea and a pinch of red pigment in your shit.
Dude are we going to McDonald's again?!? Its worth the FTRS.

Hey bro I love McDonald's <3 Lets go FTRS. The food is worth ruining my toilet for a week.
by Jeebusisthebest July 07, 2011

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