ftb stands for Fat Titty Bitch or someone (generally a male) who has manboobs also called "bitch-tits"
kris was being such a ftb yesterday cuz he kept complaining about boring shit.
by hush...its a secret November 13, 2007
For the Bear Sex. It's used as a motive for dumb actions.
"Dude, why did you stick your hand in that bee hive and run off with a handful of honey and a swollen arm?"

"I don't think you'll understand, but it was FTBS man."
by Michel Filo September 02, 2007
A game ("Fuck That Bitch"), best played with 2 or more people, similar to the 1-10 rating scale. However, it is much more simple, given that there are only 4 (sometimes 6, if you wish) rating levels.

Though the origins of the game are still debated, I do know that it started at a senior HS trip to Ft. Wilderness, Orlando, and became a full-fledged game back in Miami.

FTB - Fuck that Bitch. You want to fuck her, and you want to fuck her now.
CB - Cum Bucket. You'll hit it alright, but it's not quite an FTB.
NA - Non-Applicable. You'll just have to pass; there just isn't something right about her.
SWG - "Star Wars Galaxies." Yep, looks like something straight out of Star Wars Galaxies, the game. Like a hutt. Big and nasty and slimy. Reserved for the lowest of the ugly.

That's the simplified version of "FTB" however you may add up to two more:

JB - "Jail Bait." Can be either a CB or an FTB, but is too young for you to touch...legally, that is.
SFTB - "Super Fuck That Bitch." Only one woman may have this distinction. She is the best of the best. An SFTB may only be changed if another, even hotter, SFTB comes along.

You may also shout "FTB (or SWG), NO SHAME," really loud, if the particular FTB or SWG is strikingly hot/ugly.
"What do you think of her?"
"And her?."
by Eric Biotch April 26, 2006
It is often considered the Hakuna Matata of our generation. Inspired by the lone men of this world who are tired of the deeds of the treacherous bitches out there, it is a shinning beacon of light and hope in such a dark and unforgiving world in where a bitch is constantly trying to put you down. When a bitch is giving you a hard time, one simply says "F.T.B.!!!!" and all is resolved. It isn't simply a quote from a party, a phrase developed for laughs, or a motto one uses to look cool. It is a way of life, a standard that everyone should live their life by in the face of all the bitches out there.
Johnny: My girlfriend just dumped me to fuck another guy. I feel like shit

Tim: Yo FTB!!!!

Johnny: Thats right!!! FTB!!!!
by MagicSuperman November 28, 2009
The only true definition for this acronym is "Fuck That Bitch".
This can be positive or negative in meaning, but is usually reserved for text message lingo.
"Yeah I got a date with this girl on friday"
"Dude FTB!"


"That whore stood me up"
by wordlos November 19, 2008
Abbreviation for Fuck That Bitch
I don't really like her but i just wanted to ftb.
by Pba_yee April 01, 2011
For the boyys- This is when you are trying to get a boyss night. No chicks draggin ya down complaining about crap you dont care about. We just wanna hit up the bar with the boyys for brews and the game.
Casey isn't FTB anymore he's always with his girl

You gonna be FTB tonight or chill with your girl?
FTB at the bar?
Yo finna FTB night?
by Finna FTB CEO October 29, 2010

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