Fade To Black
Wow... my car broke down, my house is on fire, my dog died and I just got fired. FTB
by babs and haras November 17, 2011
Feed the Beast. A Minecraft modpack wich lets the player be tecnical.
You playing on the ftb server?
Yah man!
by ScrambledeEggsMike November 11, 2013
some one who looks hot, From.The.Back, but when they turn around its a different story...
Oo, an f.t.b!
by houdini July 14, 2003
Finish The Beers. A term used to tell people you are going to drink all the beers.
We're going to buy a bunch of beers, and stay up late until we FTB
by G-Hawk February 23, 2014
Sort of like D.T.F Down To Fuck it means a person is single and Free To Bone F.T.B as in ready to have sex.
by Justin3876 August 13, 2011
For The Bant. British saying. "bant" being short for "banter". if ever there is the need for an excuse to do anything. simply reply "For The Bant". can be applied to ANY situation without fail.
Man: "why did you eat my sandwich?" (furiously)
Second man: "For The Bant (FTB)"
Man: "Oh. Ok then"
by this is gandhi August 04, 2011
For the Bacon/Bread
Person 1: Yo I went F.T.B all weekend bruh
Person 2:Real Ish
by Tommysun21 April 01, 2011
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