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n : Football Streaming info. Information about football streams on the internet.
FSi says you will be able to watch Graceful Association v Tootsybootsy FC on Ching Chong Sports (TvRats)
by fracturildo June 27, 2006
The latest in fuel injection technology released by Audi/VW. Not to be confused with "You FAssi" which means you are a loser! lol
This technology is said to increase power output and improve fuel economy at the same time. FSI is the same, minus the TURBOCHARGER. Is it any good? You betcha!
by SAF-E November 26, 2007
Acronym for Fucking Strong Information. Used after particularly effective emails or witty retorts.
Person 1: Last night I ate 13 onions and called out a Poodle.
Person 2: Yeah but you're gay
Person 3: FSI !!!111!
by Johnny Fingerbang November 06, 2007
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