Full Size Chevy pickup truck
Thats a really nice looking fsc!
by NateDiggity November 25, 2006
Top Definition
Originating in 2004 the fuck shit crew runs fallon and fernley by fucking shit up.
I hate those FSC kids!
by xspartax July 05, 2010
shortened form for calling someone a fat shit cat
That fsc better not strike out.
by Batost March 12, 2008
Australian colloquial abbreviation for fucking soft cock. Used to refer to a man who exhibits girl like behaviors or generally doesn't know how to act like a man.
Real man: "We'll have another beer."
FSC: "Not me!"
Real man: "Why not you FSC?!"
by MmmMmm1968 August 22, 2013
Fire Safety Cigarette
-nasty new cigarettes that are required in 13 states to date
-these cigarettes self-exstinguish after a little bit of time due to the fire safety bands placed within the paper
-Marlboro, Newport, Winston, any many other major cigarette brands

The new FSC law really sucks cuz it makes my reds taste like shit if I don't smoke fast enough
by mikeb8375 April 01, 2008
Fatal System Crash - when the computer suffers software failure and becomes unusable. Usually this is caused by computer viruses, misconfiguration, sometimes hardware failure.
Yeti had an FSC yesterday.
by levidos September 29, 2010
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