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These girls go after emo guys, listen to emo music, and are incredibaly hot. Too bad they don't have souls.
Scene chicks may be hot, but they don't have souls.
by WHAT!?! April 06, 2009
a hot babe with sexy hair and cute outfits that will turn your world inside out. you will love her, then both of you will break up either because she is too mental, or because YOU were so hypnotized by her looks that when ever she would talk, you just kept starting at her boobs.

finally you will miss her and think about all the cool stuff about her after a couple of months pass, and wounder why you broke up with her/she broke up with you.

only to realize after 15 minutes of hanging out with her again why you actually broke up.

However deep inside you know you will never have a girl as hot as her in your life so you confess that you will try to make things work again.

only to find out that she is currently going out with your best friend because you were so cocky that at that one show that you felt the need to introduce her/show-off to all your friends. which leads you to hear her confess that she had been fucking your best friend towards the end of the relationship.

a couple of months will pass and your still single so you decide to meet up with her again and she doesn't even return your text messages or answer your phone calls. which as you may have guessed turns you into a scene dude because your thinking that maybe she will think about hanging out with you since your now just like her.

only to find out she changed her number because of you. and her new boyfriend who isnt your former best friend anymore paided for. thus making you depressed and angry you go to a hardcore show to jump into a mosh pit. when you bump into another scene chick who has that familiar smile that reminds you of you know who.

the both of you will meet up and you will love her, then both of you will break up either because she is too mental, or because YOU were so hypnotized by her looks that when ever she would talk, you just kept starting at her boobs...
"dude that scene chick is soooo hot i wanna fuck her"

"take it from me, you dont wanna go there."
by killlagger June 03, 2009
Scene chicks are some of the hottest girls in the world, srsly.
Joe: Damn, that scene chick's fine!
Bob: Hella yeah!
by Biased Opinion July 21, 2007
Scene girls are incredibly hot. They are also whores and only go after douchebags and emo kids.
Paul: Hey did you hook up with that scene chick from last night?
Tony: Yea, though it now burns when I pee.
by Prep Girls January 01, 2012
N. A semi-moron female who dates complete moron males, such as whiners, goths, emos, and other such girlie man whiner social classes.
Guy 1 "Dude, you met Jen yet?"

Guy 2 "Yea dude shes a nice piece but shes a scene chick"

Guy 1 "Fuckin idiot chick, im not gonna cut myself and cry about life just for some ass"
by DickShinAiry Man December 09, 2009
Give the best dome.
Bro 1: Bro, that scene chick is so fucking annoying with her 4000 myspace friends, that stupid tiara, and whats with the ridiculous stripes and colors in her hair?

Bro 2: Yeah, but she's got that Swiffer Swivel Sweeper!
by oia93209 September 25, 2009
A scene chick/scene girl.
First of all they are awesome. The fun part about being scene is that you have great confidence in who you are and what you like. They pride themselves with looking perfect even when they arent leaving the house. The makeup is always done to perfection and not a hair out of place.

Hair is usually black with streaks of different colours, somtimes coontails. Hair consists of two main layers: the top layer wich is usually choppy and short (like jaw length) and the underneath layer that is longer and straight. ( three words: Teasing and Hairspray!)

Makeup: Lots of eyeliner (pencil eyeliner on the bottom, Liquid on the top). Sometimes bright eyeshaddow or black eyeshaddow. Foundation is sometimes put on the lips to make them look lighter.

Most scene girls have piercings, usually snakebites or a septum ring or gauges.

They wear tight skinnys, tight band ts, hoodies with bright colors, layering colorful tank-tops is common. Jewelry such as Hello Kitty necklaces.

They all have to have a myspace and facebook and bebo page.

Scene girls wont hesitate to tell you what they think of you, the good news about that is they will probly tell you youre pretty. They are not bitchy. Most are not as arrogant as people think. Most people just mistake having confidence in the way you look as being conceited.

by myspace/the_human_heartless February 26, 2009
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