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Fumundafromunder my nutsscrotumtesticles: Comes from the slang, "Fremunda cheese, the viledankcheese frumunda my nuts--the oldest relics of crosseyedinbredredneck slang."
"Hey fool--You want some frumunda cheese." said The morbidly grotesque ruffian. "whats frumunda cheese?"0 asks the frail albino boy. "it's the cheese frumunda my nuts!"
by Bobby Revell March 16, 2005
Frumunda is a Hip Hop/Alternative group that has released 3 albums. Most recently the double album Frumunda III - Droppin' A Deuce has surfaced on the internet. The music is available on Facebook, MySpace and Reverb Nation.
Frumunda just dropped their new album, Droppin' A Deuce
by Gmoneyfabulous August 15, 2009
used as a technical college when you are on spring break after you have graduated.
1: what school are you from?

2: Frumunda tech!!
there is also a hand signal for this school. Panama city has already been invaded by frumunda tech.
by Frumunda tech class pres. March 24, 2004
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