A niggers Favorite delicacy, eaten with collardgreens, chitlins, cornbread biscuits, colt 45 and watermelon on Kwanazaa!!
I loves me some fried chicken ma nigga, It be Kwanzaa!!
by NIGGA HATA December 14, 2004
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a food that black people love.If your
black your mom probaly cooks it every
damn nigga im hungry as hell
lets go to my mama house from
some fried chicken.
by i luv sum chicken September 26, 2004
shit that tastes good
hey nigga gimme that mothafuckin bucket of KFC
by chicken man January 15, 2004
Some damn good eatin'. Considered a favorite of blacks (for actually quite some time, like decades), but anyone can eat this luscious, succulent treat. ^.^
"Get me summa dat friiiied chicken mothufucka!"

"A word of advice : Hardees fried-chicken is delicious, but it will give you a bowel-attack if you're not careful."
by Dave October 28, 2004
Food that makes the world go round. Can be found on any menu. It is often accompanied with watermelon.
KFC is the king of fried chicken.
by Outkast with a K December 04, 2004
A wonderful food that comes in a bucket. Goes great with porno.
Fried Chicken is delicious, and pornography is video tape of people haveing sex.

Fried Chicken Store Owner: "They know what I like... money. And I know what they like... Fried Chicken.
by Leeroy May 11, 2003
An assumed "food group" believed to regularly be consumed and by black people.

Toho: "Damn nigga, I's be needin's some fried chicken nigga."
Yoyo: "Nigga damn, that's why dems honkeys always be thinkins' we always eaten fried chicken and wata' melon b!tch!"
Toho: "sh!t. . . (pause) . . . I know! Lets go get some Big Macs from McD's!"
Yoho: "Word B!tch, now dats how we do, we be GANGSTA!."
by duskins July 19, 2006
Ok, first of all, I don't see why everyone says that fried chicken is a "black people" food... cuz i'm white and I love that shit.

Fried chicken is good ass chicken that has been deep fried in fat or grease. If you're a Yankee, you might call it "Southern Fried Chicken. "It's probably the best food ever.
I love fried chicken more than black people.
by Xizor July 10, 2008

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