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(contraction of 'FOX' and 'asshole')
1. Any number of people that regularly whore themselves out to FOX News Channel as either special guests, analysts or experts. esp. on 'FOX and Friends'.

2. Anyone appearing on FNC that holds an opinion that makes Glenn Beck look like a rational individual.

(credit: One Yield Regular @ Wonkette)
1. Did you hear what Karl Rove had to say about J-Lo's dog's new sweater? He is such a FOXhole.

2. Brian Kilmeade wants to kick all the muslims out of the military and set up selective breeding programs to prevent dementia in the elderly. What a FOXhole!
by Tha Cheat November 06, 2009
1.) Something that soldiers dug and hid in to lessen the chance of them getting hit by a bullet and/or blown up by a mortar.

2.) An awesome local band in my area.
Foxhole will go big sometime soon, you'll see.
by Not Zane August 17, 2004
A Homosexual male's anus.
Last night I found my way into Ryan's dude trench and spent all night pounding his fox hole!
by manchesteru5 March 31, 2006
When in a bathroom stall firing out a galactic crap and someone comes into the bathroom forcing the person to cease up until the visitor leaves.
When that dude brought his son in to pee, I knew I had to commit to the foxhole.
by kavorkiankilled May 11, 2011
(foks-hohl) noun;

a location that is not frequented by anyone other than its residents (those who live there). Often used to imply asocial behavior. Those who embrace this lifestyle unite under the phrase "foxhole for life".
William never leaves his foxhole.
by fokshohl December 12, 2011
What happens when artists or creative types seek safety and stick to the old, tried and true ways of doing things, rather than wrestle with technological and social changes.
Musicians have an inclination to foxhole themselves within their familiar social and professional circles or genre-related groups.
by word-turd July 10, 2016
A pathetic pathologic liar. John McCain. A McCain supporter. Combination of FoxNews and AssHole.
That Fucking McCain is such a stupid-ass Foxhole. Those Neocons are all a bunch of fuckin' Foxholes.

McCain's media strategy and commercials will be handled by existing campaign consultants Fred Davis, Chris Mottola and Mike Hudome, known as Foxhole Media.
by Dr. Zap May 22, 2008
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