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verb meaning to do any activity, especially xtreme sports and drug usage, to the highest level possible
-I'm so stressed out, thank god its the weekend.
-Dude, lets just go big tonight at that party.
-We should go hella big cuz!
#go large #crunk #hy phy #go dumb #get it done
by Nick Boreez January 31, 2006
to get angry at; to yell, scream or raise your voice at someone who is irritating you; to catch an attitude and get in someones face;
"The homie tried to go big on me the other night"

"oh yeah?"

"Yeah, she tried to get all up in my face talking mess"

"She wasn't finna do nothing!"

"I know!, But she still went big so Ima put hands on her"
#getting loud #talking mess #trying to stunt #bout to get beat up #talking big
by Gina Martin August 20, 2007
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