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FMK is the acronym for Fuck, Marry, or Kill. Used as a quick gauge to determine the viability of a chick or to categorize a chick.
FMK acronym

Fuck = Avril Lavigne
Marry = Jennifer Aniston
Kill = Amy Winehouse
by SavageNation August 24, 2009
F--K My Keyboard. What you say when your keyboard pisses you off hardcore.
Jim: Hey I'll call you back in one sex"

Kate: "Wts"?

Jim: "F.M.K. , *One Sec"
by YoCoolnigga April 30, 2011
Abbreviation for fuck my keyboard; a typo
Renee: I love you

Cypress: O ;pbe yup ypi

*I lobe you tou

*I love you too


Renee: teehee
by xsdcfvghmjk, September 19, 2011
fuck my keyboard
used when your keyboard totally retards all over what you're typing and makes you look like you can't spell worth crap.
dude, wtf do you mean by i needs to go the opol

ugh fmk i meant go to the pool!!
by Kelsiefaceee June 10, 2009
Abbreviation for For My Kicks...Typically used in text chats.
Hey Steven, FMK where did you go to college?
by wildcatfan09 July 20, 2009
FreshMode Kids

The dankest rave crew vegas has ever seen.

Also, the best thing to happen to the Vegas rave scene since parties at Fort Cheyenne.
Raver 1: "Oh shit, have you heard about FmK?"

Raver 2: "Yeah, I heard that they're on their shit all day ever day!"

Raver 1: "True true."
by Arthur W, February 15, 2009
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