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All above answers are incorrect. It stands for "Fuck me gently".
Sorry FMG demonstrations are not available at this time.
by jd7x7 May 18, 2011
fmg means fuck my grandma and is used in the same way as OMG ( oh my god!) as in surprised!
person 1:he dumped me for her....
Person 2: FMG.... yur joking
person 1: naoooo :(
by FMG-maker July 28, 2010
FMG stands for Fuck My Generation. It's used by people that hate living in this society of morons.
Daiquan:" dats beat"

Borris:"Man what's society coming to? What a shitdick!"
John:"Idk dude. FMG."
by Melvin Mapes June 17, 2013
stands for Fuck Me Good!
Like when you're getting it on and into it and say "fuck me good!", same application for FMG when talking dirty over the net or while txting.
by nOneXs!SteNT December 03, 2010
Fat Man Goatee. The facial hair style chosen by larger men who want to define where their chin should be.
Dude is so overweight, he had to grow a FMG so you can tell which one is his jawline.
by Lose 80 Pounds June 03, 2010
Short for "Fuck My Game". Typically used when your playing a game and your losing, doing poorly or just plain sucking. Usually only multiplayer games and your kill/death ratio is negative.
Fuck that is the fifth times hes killed me in a row, FMG!
by Canadarocker February 27, 2010
Forgive My Grammar
When you are writing a text message or posting a message online, for example a status update on Facebook, or replying/commenting on a post and you suddenly realize that you spelled or used a word wrong, instead of deleting and rewriting the comment you can simply write FMG and all can be forgiven. How often do people write, your when they mean you're? Or say steel when they mean steal? The list is endless and now we have a quick solution.
by MRAZ June 16, 2010
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