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When life is so shitty that FML just won't cut it, you have Fuck My Fucking Life
George: "Man I just got kicked out, FML"
Ryan: "Oh yeah? My girlfriend is cheating on me with my brother, I just got fired, and my herpes test came back positive, FMFL!"
George: "Yeah dude, FYFL, freal."
by alinaduh March 22, 2009
Fuck My Fantasy Life
Lose by two points and don't make the playoffs...FMFL
by thegazelle October 09, 2014
fuck my fucking life................
just fmfl!! {then the little emo kid slits his wrists n shit}
by Julianna bitch January 21, 2008
An abbreviation for 'Four Mother Fucking Loco'. The term FMFL is used to describe the toxic effects of the alcoholic beverage Four Loco , such as drunkeness, sloppiness, and an inability to remember events.
Dude: I don't remember a thing from last night.
Another Dude: We went FMFL.
by CrayCollegeKid January 24, 2012

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