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An acroynm for "First-Lady I Would Like To Fuck."

Coined on The Daily Show (10/29/07), this term refers to how the 2008 presidential candidates have really hot wives.

In particular, the wife of Fred Thompson and the wife of Dennis Kucinich, both of whom are young and sexy.
God damn! Dennis Kucinich knows how to pick 'em, because his wife Elizabeth would be one hell of a FLILF!

And Fred Thompson is a FLILF Hunter if I've ever seen one!
#milf #white house #kucinich #thompson #president #wife #hot #doable #fine #sexy #first lady
by The Supporter October 30, 2007
Acronym, "First Lady I'd Like to Fuck".
Refers to any wife of the President whose physical attributes make one want to take her to bed and sex her up.
Coined by "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart.
Dude 1: Fred Thompson's wife Jeri Kehn is a total FLILF.
Dude 2: Actually, the '08 election is starting to look like a FLILF festival.
#first #lady #fuck #president #fred thompson #jeri kehn
by Cicero's Assassin October 30, 2007
An acronym for "First Lady I'd Like to Feel." In reference to whomever is the current First Lady (Wife of The President of The United States of America). It is also a Palindrome.
- "Hey man, you see Michelle Obama on TV yesterday?"
- "Hell yea! She looked damn fine!"
- "I know! She's such a FLILF!"
#obama #milf #michelle #flilf #president #politics #white house
by Ron Ardichoke January 21, 2009
First Lady I'd Like to Fuck
Presidential version of Milf
Have you seen Dennis Kucinich's wife? She's such a flilf
#milf #sexy #hottie #woman #babe
by urbandictionaryname December 05, 2007
First Lady I'd Like (to) Fuck. Like a MILF (Mom....), but in this case the wife of the President of the United States. Used by Jason Jones on the Daily Show on October 29th.
Jeri Thompson would be a FLILF, although Jacqueline Kennedy was probably one.
#flilf #first lady #milf #daily show #jeri thompson #elizabeth kucinich.
by FLILF Hunter October 29, 2007
From the Daily Show meaning "First Lady I'd Like to fuck".
"That Flilf Elizabeth Kucinich is hott yo"

"I know man, why the hell would she be married to that ugly motherfucker"
#elizabeth kucinich #flilf #first lady #milf #daily show
by hnajjar October 29, 2007
First lady I'd like to fuck.
Laura is a flilf in the ass.
by George W. Bush May 13, 2005
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