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Is a young girl, fancy free, head full of nonsense, a bit silly and a bit scatterbrain
Angela could hold down neither a job or a boyfriend she is a flibberty gibbert/ jibbert
by ally hurst May 16, 2003

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A care free young woman. A willo-the -wisp. Unreliable woman.
"You can't rely on these flibberty-gibberts to turn up for work on time".
by heather christian August 18, 2003
a liar, developed from the word fib.
Oooh, you flibberty gibbert it's never 8 inches
by Les70 August 01, 2008
(Female) One who propagates flights of fancy, conjecture, gossip, lies or fanciful opinion in the public domain.
Ignore what that flibberty gibbert says.
by Azif Idletyouknow March 28, 2003
when u forget a word when talking just add in flibberty gibbert!!!
i was talking to erm.....flibberty gibbert last nite, they say hi!!!
by ruth kennedy November 26, 2002